Refund policy

Terms of Return and Exchange

The customer will provide you with a “return and exchange within 7 days” service from the day the customer receives the goods (subject to the date of receipt).

If you notify us more than 7 days, or the product has been cut, lost packaging or damaged, we will not be able to process the return or exchange.

Customers can replace the purchased goods for any reason within 7 days from the date of receipt

. Please be sure to bring/send the invoice and product together with you for any reason , otherwise we will not be able to process the return or exchange for you.

For the unconditional return of the application, make sure to return the product does not affect the secondary sales, and to ensure that the product packaging intact


any reason or unconditionally means that:

• no goods colors, patterns, models and materials on site and described Matching

• Wrong size or inappropriate size

• Defects and product quality issues (only in accordance with the defective product return/refund process. There are other restrictions)

• The delivery content of the order does not match the reason why the product cannot be returned

If the following situations occur, then We are unable to assist in handling returns and exchanges:

• Used

• The product is cracked due to scratches from external hard objects or internal wear and tear

• The product is not clean in appearance • Products are not

sold in this online store

• There is no original independent packaging

return and exchange process

as yours Orders need to be returned and exchanged. Please ensure that the order meets the return and exchange standards.

You can proceed as follows:

• You will receive a return application confirmation email, please print it out and share it with the packaging of the returned goods, the returned goods and the invoice Process the packaging, and then send it back to our company address/bring it back to our store in person

*All shipping costs must be arranged and borne by the customer”

• We will inspect the returned goods after receiving your return, and will arrange the shipment as soon as possible after confirmation. take

• If it is confirmed that the goods have been damaged after inspection, we will return the goods in the form of payment/self-pickup (please read the reasons why the goods cannot be returned).

The company reserves the final right to replace the product.

The refund method is as follows:

If your payment method is online payment by credit card, after we receive your returned product and the refund information is complete, we will generally return your payment to your original within 3-7 working days Use the credit card account for payment. (The actual arrival date is subject to the processing cycle of the bank/credit card company)
If your payment is paid in cash (only applicable to orders delivered to Hong Kong), if the goods need to be refunded, you must provide a local individual in Hong Kong Bank account and name so that we can refund the payment to you in time. Once your refund account information is complete, we will directly import it for you, and we will refund you within 7 working days. When the refund is completed, we will also send a refund completion notification letter to notify you.
Specific matters will be contacted by our customer service staff for assistance.

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