Red ginseng

Nonghyup Ginseng “Hansamin”
holds meaning to “imprint Korea’s very Goryeo
Ginseng to the world.”

100% self-invested by National Agricultural Cooperative Federation,
Nonghyup Ginseng puts effort for customer’s health enhancement and farmer’s profit increase, and works hard to
fulfill ultimate goal to becoming trustworthy health food company that customer’s always anticipate.

Why does medicinal
effect of red ginseng
white ginseng?

Beneficial components to the human body is created from the manufacturing process.
Red ginseng contents way more beneficial components to the human body than white
ginseng. Red ginseng has remarkable medicinal effect. From neutralization component
of red ginseng, there is no side effect of causing fever and digests easily.

Hansam In Mall Nonghyup Red Ginseng Hansamin Red Ginseng Stick Balance 10ml x 30 sachets 1 set (30 days’ supply) Immune boost