Watch GT Cyber


Urban Pioneer
47.4 × 44.4 × 10.2mm

*The actual size may vary depending on the configuration, manufacturing process and measurement method, please refer to the actual product.

Black High Performance Rubber Strap

Nano microcrystalline ceramic 316L stainless steel



Huawei has officially confirmed the launch of the Watch GT Cyber, its next flagship smartwatch. Arriving in early November alongside the Pocket S, the Watch GT Cyber is billed as offering a ‘new trend on your wrist’ and appears to feature an eye-catching design.

ounced the official launch of the Watch GT Cyber, a smartwatch that has leaked several times in the last few months. Scheduled to launch on November 2 with the Pocket S, the Watch GT Cyber may be a Chinese exclusive initially. For reference, Huawei’s next hardware event commences at 19:00 CST, or 11:00 UTC. Presumably, Huawei will unveil more than just the Pocket S and Watch GT Cyber though, as is often the case during its launch events.

Currently, Huawei has not highlighted any Watch GT Cyber-specific features. Still, it has showcased a futuristic-looking design, which it teases as being ‘born different’. Like many Huawei smartwatches, the Watch GT Cyber has a round display and a digital crown. However, it seems that the smartwatch has comparatively thin bezels that extend to the chassis’ outer edge.

Additionally, Huawei’s teaser implies that the Watch GT Cyber has a removable display or an interchangeable tachymeter, which would be unusual. In saying that, we would recommend reserving judgement on this potential feature until Huawei shares more teasers. If the Watch GT Runner is anything to go by, Huawei will offer the Watch GT Cyber with at least one unique feature distinguishing it from the rest of the current Watch GT series.


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